Pada pembahasan berikut diberikan contoh-contoh pernyataan-pernyataan umum yang digunakan ketika berdiskusi dalam Bahasa Inggris. Bagaimana membuka diskusi, meminta pendapat dan memberikan respons.

Opening a discussion (Membuka diskusi)

To begin with,
We need to discuss…
find out
Let’s start by (Verb ing)
We’ll start by (Verb ing)

The problem here is . . .
The important thing (here) is . . .
The main thing we need to discuss is . . .
Let’s look at . . .
It looks like . . .
It appears that . . .

Asking for input (Meminta masukan)

What do you think?
How about you?
How do you feel about that?
Any ideas on that?

Responding (Memberikan tanggapan)

(That sounds like a) good idea.
Sounds good.
The problem with that is . . .
That raises the issue of . . .
brings up


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1 want to have useful life for people around me..and 1 want to write till 1 die..

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