Ungkapan-ungkapan berikut digunakan untuk melakukan klarifikasi baik terhadap perkataan sendiri atau meminta klarifikasi, atau mengklarifikasi pendapat orang lain.
Clarifying your own ideas (Mengklarifikasi pendapat sendiri)

In other words, (dengan kata lain)
What I mean is… (yang saya maksud adalah…)
What I’m trying to say is… (yang coba ingin saya katakan adalah…)
What I wanted to say was.. (yang ingin saya katakan adalah…)
To clarify,

Asking for Clarification (Meminta klarifikasi)

What do you mean (by that)?
What are you trying to say?
What was that again?
Could you clarify that?

Clarifying another’s ideas (Mengklarifikasi pendapat orang lain)

You mean…
What you mean is…
What you’re saying is…
(I think) what she means is…
What he’s trying to say is…
If I understand you, (you’re saying that…)
If I’m hearing you correctly,
So, you think (that)…
So, your idea is…


About englishcyber4u

1 want to have useful life for people around me..and 1 want to write till 1 die..

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