1. Question Words
The most common question words are who, whose, what, which, where, when, and now
a. We use who to ask about people.
Who is the man standing on the corner? Tha’ts my husband
b. We use whose to ask about possession
Whose ate these gloves ? They are Jessica’s
c. We use what to ask about things
What is ths? It’s a corkcrew
We use what with like to ask for descriptions
What is your sister like? She’s tall and very thin
We use what with time to ask about time
What time does the concert start ? At 7:45 tomorrow evening
d. We use which to ask about a small number of things.
Which do you prefer – the blue of the red? I prefer the blue one
e. We use where to ask about places.
Where does your father live ? He Lives in Chile
f. We use when to ask about times and dates.
When is your birthday ? It’s in August
Q. We use how to ask “in what way ?”
How do you get to the airport ? I suggest you take a taxi
We use how many to ask about numbers.
How many days are there in June ? 30
We use how much to ask about quantity and price.
How much milk do we need ? Could you buy two litters ?
How much are these shoes ? They’re 800 franc
We use how old to ask about age.
How old are your parents ? My mom’s 40 and my dad’s 42
We use how often to ask about frequency.
How often do you see your brother ? Two or three times a month
He lives in Chile.

2. Question words as subject
When a question word is the subject of a sentence, we do not use the auxiliary do.
Who lives in the large house on the corner ?
Who does the large house on the corner belong to ?
What is making that awful noise ?
What does that awful noise mean ?


□ Kata benda (NOUN) ada dua macam yaitu : COUNTABLE NOUN (kata benda yang dapat dihitung) dan UNCOUNTABLE NOUN (kata benda yang tidak dapat dihitung). Didepan Uncountable noun tidak boleh diberi “article”(kata sandang) a maupun an
Tidak boleh : a sugar = sebuah gula
a rice = sebuah nasi

□ UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS dapat dijadikan COUNTABLE NOUNS dengan menambahkan quantifier atau kata yang menunjukkan kuantitas atau ukurannya (see page 12) rnisalnya:


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