Transitive + Object




Be                                Adjective



  1. 1. Be + Adjective + to Verb

a. I am very sorry to hear that your mother is sick.
b. This book is very interesting to read
c. It is fine to see you again.
d. Alfa was very annoyed to have missed the class.

  1. 2. Verb + to Verb

a. Agil invited me to come to his birthday party.
b. I really need you to stay with me now and forever.

  1. 3. Verb+ verb

a. Please let him go.
b. I don’t mean to make you cry.
c. The teacher make the students hand out the assignment on time.

  1. 4. To + verb-1 (pada awal kalimat)

a. What does he want to do first? “To take the children to the zoo”.

b. To see the doctor regularly seems important nowadays.

  1. 5. be + to verb

a. What he needs to do there is to help the victims’
b. The reason why he was here was to help me.

  1. 6. Verb + verb-ing (participle)

a. Can you smell something burning?
b. I saw somebody climbing the wall of Mr. Wong’s house.
c. I can feel my heart beating any time I meet you.

  1. 7. Verb + verb-ing (gerund)

a. I don’t smoke, because I don’t like smoking.
b. I don’t understand why she always avoid meeting me.
c. I prefer living in a small village to a big town.

  1. 8. Prepositional Adjective + Verb-ing (gerund)

a. I am not accustomed to eating fried lobster.
b. She is afraid of going to the movie alone.

  1. 9. Prepositional Verb + Verb-ing (gerund)

a. Just keep on crying if you feel it will satisfy you.
b. Why don’t you give up smoking soon?


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