1. SOME is used in affirmative statement only, but is used in both affirmative and negative question.

E.g. :          He wants some crackers.

He has some money

Do (don’t) you want some drink?

  1. ANY and NO are used with both plural countable nouns and uncountable nouns express absence of quantity.

E.g. :          There aren’t any sandwiches left. (any + CN)

= There are no sandwiches left.

There isn’t any coffee left. (any + Uc.N)

= There is no coffee left.

Adrian does not have any toys.

= Adrian has no toys.

NOT – ANY   = NO


Someone          anyone             no one              everyone

Somebody        anybody           nobody everybody

Something        anything            nothing everything

Somewhere      anywhere          nowhere           everywhere

SOME                         ONE

ANY                            BODY

NO                              THING

EVERY                        WHERE

Examples :

    1. I went nowhere last night. I stayed at home
    2. Elis has something to do. She looks every busy.
    3. I saw somebody crossing the road.
    4. Everything you want is not everything you need.
    5. There is nothing in the bottle.

= There is not anything in the bottle.


Nowhere                = not anywhere

Nobody                 = not anybody

Nothing                  = not anything

Anything else                      = sesuatu yang lain (ada…)

Somewhere else                 = di/ke suatu tempat yang lain

Nobody else                       = tak seorang lainpun

Who else                            = siapa lagi ?

What else                           = apa lagi ?


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