These pronoun are formed by adding ‘-self’ or ‘-selves’ to the possessive adjective of the first and second person and to the objective form of the personal pronoun of he third person.

I           –           myself                           you       –           yourself / yourselves

She      –           herself                          we        –           ourselves

He        –           himself                          they      –           themselves

It          –           itself

One      –           oneself

(a)    Used the reflexive pronoun  as the direct or indirect object of the verb in the sentence :

–         He pinched himself to make sure that he was not dreaming. (direct object).

–         She bought herself a pair of shoes. (indirect object)

(b)   Used after a preposition :

–         He grumbled to himself

–         They are feeling sorry for them selves.

–         She was talking to herself to the corner.

(c)    With the verb ‘to be’ :

–         She’ll soon be herself again.

–         I’m sorry – I wasn’t quite myself yesterday.

(d)   Sometimes used to replace a personal pronoun :

–         How many people were on the bus including yourself?

–         All of them went home except herself.

(e)    The empathic pronoun, though having exactly the same form as the reflexive pronoun, has a different function. An empathic pronoun is always strongly stressed and used mainly to emphasize the subject :

–         I made the cake myself

–         They themselves suggested that the piano be moved in to the next room.

–         (The emphatic pronoun can be left out without damaging the sense of the sentence)


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