S       aux , aux.  S ?

+                                –

–                                 +


  1. Positive Statement
    a. He is a good player, isn’t he?
    b. That lady can sew a dress, can’t she?
    c. I am still here, aren’t 1?
    d. She likes cooking, doesn’t she?
    e. Everybody made mistakes, didn’t they?
    f. There was a vase in here, wasn’t there?
    g. That is my painting, isn’t it?
    h. She put it here, didn’t she?
  1. Negative Statement
    a. The students won’t be there, will they?
    b. The children wear no hat, do they?
    c. Nobody saw him, did they?
    d. I never heard it, did I?
    e. She’s not finished yet, has he?
  1. Command I Request form
    a. Stop over there, will you?
    b. Please have a seat, won’t you?
    c. Let’s go swimming, shall we?
    d. Don’t bother me, won’t you?

NOTE: Response of Question Tag

Ali didn’t come, did he? Yes, he did (disagree)
Amir didn’t come, did he? No, he didn’t ( agree)


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1 want to have useful life for people around me..and 1 want to write till 1 die..

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