1. 1. Another

I have a pen here on the table. I have another one at home.

This egg is too small. Can you give me another?

(another = another one = another egg)

  1. 2. The order

One of those two guests is American. The other is Indian.

(the other = the other one = the order guest)

  1. 3. The orders

Two students are still outside

The others are already in the room

(the others = the other students)

  1. 4. Others

Some animals live on land, others in water

(others = other animals)

  1. 5. A few others, some others, many others, etc

A number of cars in our country were made in Italy, a few others were made in Sweden, some others were made in France, and many others were made in Japan.

  1. 6. Each other

Although we were in the same bus, we didn’t talk because we didn’t each other.

  1. 7. One another

They live in the same town and often visit one another

  1. Every other ……………… day / week ( = selang se …)
  1. The other day ( = beberapa hari y11 / tak lama beselang )

10.  On the other hand : (Volcanoes cause disaster, on the other hand they give advantage )

11.  Among others (= diantaranya), some other time (=lain kali), otherwise (= jika tidak / sebaliknya)


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1 want to have useful life for people around me..and 1 want to write till 1 die..

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