1. To convey time, date, month, year :
  1. What time is it now? Well, it is 10.00 o’clock.
  2. It is November 23rd. It is the date when I was born.
  3. It is Monday, the second day of the week.
  4. It was 1981, when I graduated from SMU.
  1. To convey weather :
  1. What is the weather like in New York? Is it very cold?
  2. It is so windy. Don’t stay outside.
  3. It is very cloudy. It is going to rain.
  1. To convey distance :
  1. How far is it your house from school? It is about 3 km
  2. My house is far enough from here.
  1. To convey condition :
  1. It is said that the cost of life will always get more expensive.
  2. It is very good time now to have a vacation this weekend.

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1 want to have useful life for people around me..and 1 want to write till 1 die..

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