1. As Subject
    Reading is useful for us.
  2. As Object
    My hobby is reading novel.
  3. As accusative object
    We enjoyed them playing football.
  4. Follows certain verb:
    admit     delay    miss    regret    appreciate     deny     postpone    report     enjoy     claim  finish   avoid    mind   suggest   quit   can’t help   be used to   get used to  look forward to confess to   object to  dedicate to   be accustomed to   be opposed to , etc
  5. After possessive adjective: my, your, his, her, our, their
    I wait her coming
  6. After preposition
    I am sorry for making trouble. They go on talking, etc.

To infinitive

  1. As subject

To study hard makes us clever.

  1. After certain verbs
    hope to             plan to              promise to        decide to          intend to           agree to

offer to             refuse to          seem to            appear to          pretend to         ask to

expect to          want to             would like to, etc

e.g.: She decided to go

  1. After accusative object
    She asked me to call her soon.
  2. After adjective
    He is careful to finish his job.
  3. After question words
    I don’t know where to go. She understands how to finish her works.
  4. the verbs that are followed by both Gerund and Infinitive;
    begin                start                  continue            like       love      prefer

can’t bear         remember         forget               stop      try        regret


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1 want to have useful life for people around me..and 1 want to write till 1 die..

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