/ – -an
Africa African
America American
Asia Asian
Australia Australian
Brazil Brazilian
Egypt Egyptian
Europe European
India Indian
Indonesia Indonesian
Korea Korean
Malaysia Malaysian
Russia Russian
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian
Denmark Danish
England English
Finland Finnish
Great Britain British
Spain Spanish
Poland Polish
Sweden Swedish
Turkey Turkish
Burma Burmese
China Chinese
Japan Japanese
Java Javanese
Lebanon Lebanese
Portugal Portuguese
Taiwan Taiwanese
Vietnam Vietnamese
Irregular form
Afghanistan Afgharv
Bangladesh Bangladeshi
France French
German (y) German
Greece Greek
Holland Dutch
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Iraq Iraqi
Kuwait Kuwaiti
Malaya Malay
Switzerland Swiss
Thailand Thai

1. Expressing Capability I Incapability
• Now there are a lot of children who are able to operate a computer.
• I am sure you are capable of doing that job since you have enough experience.
• The suitcase is very heavy. He can’t carry it himself.
• He seems to be incapable of understanding simple instruction.
• She couldn’t speak the local language when she moved here two years ago.
• I have ability in I I am good at I I know how to
• ldon’thaveabllityin Ilamnotgoodat /ldon’tknowhowto
2. Expressing Pleasure / Displeasure
• It gives me great pleasure to hear of your success.
• That’s fantastic! I That’s incredible! I How marvelous I tremendous I wonderful
• I’m very pleased with it I I’m delighted to hear that
• Oh, no! I What a nuisance I I really hate /l’m very disappointed/I can’t stand / I am extremely displeased to I I am fed up with
,, 3. Expressing possibility / Impossibility
• there is a good chance of improving your English if you practise it everyday.
• lere is very little chance that you will be employed in that company since you have vfà relevant qualifications at all.
• It’s likely I May bel perhaps! probably! It’s not unlikely! There is possibility….
• It’s unlikely I It’s impossible!not possible! not probable/may be not I It’s very doubiful….
4. Expressing Certainty / uncertainty
• I am sure Il am certain IYes, really! of course It am convinced
• I am not sure/ not certain /Of course not! Certainly not /l am not convinced/I doubt
a The leader is a hundred percent certain about the program
• I can’t say for sure.
• The student is not at all convinced that he’ll be successful.
5. Expressing Agreent I Disagrccmcnt
• He agreed with the opinion of the majority.
a don’t have any objection to the idea.
• I approve of your plan I You’re right I That’s a good idea! I think so I That’s true.
a I disagree! I don’t think so I I don’t approve
6. Expressing something is not correct
• I deny that
a No, it’s not actually
• That’s not true
• It isn’t right, is it?
• Notatall
a lflmaysayso,youaremistaken
7. Expressing satisfaction / dissatisfaction
• Students were not satisfied with the course they took.
• I am very satisfiedlpleased!happy
• Yes, I like it/I can’t complain I ifs enjoyful
• I am displeased! dissatisfied! unhappy! disappointed
• No, I don’t like it I I complain / it is boring / dull
8. Expressing warning I advice
a Take care when you cross the road.
• Whatever you do, do it carefully.


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