Form of “be” : is, am, are        was, were,        to be, be           been, being.

Function of “be” :

  1. 1. As a main verb :
  1. be + a noun                                                                  Bill is a manager
  2. be + an adjective                                                          He is intelligent
  3. be + a prep. Phrase                                                      He is in his room
  1. As an auxiliary verb :
  1. Continuous verb tense                                                   He is taking case of some guest
  2. Passive sentence                                                           I was born in Mojokerto
  1. 3. Used with the infinitive
  1. To convey orders or instructions:

No one is to leave this building without the permission of the police (=no one must leave)

He is to stay here till we return (= he must stay)

  1. To convey a plan :

She is to be married next month

The expedition is to start in a week’s time

In headlines the verb “be” is often omitted to save space:

Prime minister to make statement tomorrow.

  1. Express the immediate future :

They are about to start = They are just going to start. / They are not the point of starting.

They are just about to leave ( more immediate )

  1. To express a more remote future, usually a future in the past :

They said goodbye, little knowing that they were never to meet again (= were never destined to meet)


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