1. Causative ‘have’ dan ‘get’ dengan object aktif.

S + have + O + V1                  or S + get + O + to V1
Examples: 1. Yadi had the man take the telephone out of the office.

[The man took the telephone] – active

2. Yadi got the man to take the telephone out of the office.

[The man took the telephone] — active
3. I’ll have the carpenter cover the holes in that wall tomorrow.
4. I’m going to get him to check these reports carefully.
5. You’d better have someone paint your house soon.
6. Mother gets my sister to tidy up her room.
Compare: He has the ceiling painted

He has painted the ceiling

  1. Causative ‘have’ dan ‘get’ dengan object pasif.

S + have + O + V3                  or S + get + O + V3
Examples: 1. He had the telephone taken out of the office.

[The telephone was taken by somebody]

2. He will get his letters mailed tomorrow.
3. Tono is having his car repaired.
4. Yesy got her letter typed by a friend.
5. We must have the work finished on time.

  1. Kata ‘make’ yang berarti ‘to force’ [=memaksa]

S + make + O + VI
Examples: 1. The teacher made us do our homework.

2. I can’t make the car start because the battery is weak.
3. Will you try to make her come?

4. The robber made the owner of the house open the drawer.

  1. Kata ‘let’ yang berarti’ to allow / to permit’ [=membiarkan/mengijinkan]

Examples: 1. That man let his son go to the swimming pool.

2. Let them do what they think best.
3. Please let me help you pick those flowers.
4. Don’t let it worry you.

  1. Dengan kata ‘help’
    Examples: 1. Can you help me wash my car.

2. My sister help me to cook food.
3. Let me help you bring the chair in.

NOTE: Have something done kadang-kadang mempunyai arti yang berbeda.

Misalnya: A friend of mine had all his books stolen.( semua bukunya dicuri) /

mempunyai arti mengalami penderitaan.
– If you drive like that, you’ll get yourself arrested.
– She had her hat blown off in the wind.


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